Offers for companies
  • Collection of coarse waste

The SuperSopTunna®  collects coarse waste from businesses, companies and housing associations.

  • Delivery at Lövsta ÅVC recycling centers

Businesses, companies and housing associations can, at a fee, provide certain waste at Lövsta Recycling Center. To leave waste, there has to be a registration to get an access card.

The access card can be purchased at Lövsta Recycling Center by bank-card or by invoice. The access card can also be purchased for invoice at SuperSopTunnas office in Lövsta, Kyrkhamnsvägen 2. Note! Only during office hours.

The card can be used at all facilities that receive companies (Lövsta, Vantör and Garden), regardless of where they have been purchased.

Waste handling today sets high requirements for waste producers – this relates to the appropriate collection, sorting and storage of waste, the search for adequate means for re-use and recycling, the prevention of waste production as well as compliance with legal regulations. It’s mostly the small and middle-sized companies that experience difficulties in complying with these requirements. The advisors of the SuperSopTunna®  support companies in establishing a concept for waste management and waste prevention, and in this way helps to link ecology with the economy.