Reverse Production

The top priority of the SuperSopTunna®  is the conservation of natural resources and the environment. The outstanding knowledge of the SuperSopTunna®  staff and the technology available today enables almost 100% recovery and separation of products from old equipment and products. The high-quality raw materials form the basis for the production of new products.

All problematic and valuable products end up in the logistics center of the SuperSopTunna®. The different fractions e.g. electronic waste, paints and varnishes, illuminants are checked and sorted again if necessary. Then it goes on to the various partners – mostly for recycling, non-recoverable problem substances are treated in a high-temperature incinerator.

Some of the products collected are recycled directly by the SuperSopTunna® and processed into valuable raw materials. The SuperSopTunna®  uses state-of-the-art technology here.